Stories Worth Remembering


It is estimated that more than 65 million Americans provide care for an aged family member or friend. So where can these people obtain basic information about being a caregiver? Until now, the answer has probably been “nowhere.” While many books on caregiving have been written, many are filled with data and details that most caregivers have little interest in and even less time to review. Without a practical source for useful information, most caregivers must move forward until they develop the needed skills on their own. This is mostly due to the fact that they are spending an average of 20 hours a week outside of their personal and or professional life providing care.  These people simply can’t find the time to read the lengthy and technical instruction guides currently available to them.


The Caregiver’s Journey is a unique book that provides a concise, yet expansive overview of caregiving basics from the perspective of someone who is both a personal and professional caregiver.


The book is divided into five major sections.  The first section addresses the common challenges of caregiving, the aging process, and care basics.  The next section deals with providing or selecting the right kind of help.  Section three focuses on being prepared for and dealing with unanticipated difficulties.  Making the best of the situation through preparation, humor, and a positive attitude constitutes the fourth section.  The book concludes by addressing the end-of-life and its associated issues.


Each section and area of discussion includes practical suggestions, possible solutions, and potential resources that will help lighten the load for inexperienced or overwhelmed caregivers.  Throughout the book, each topic is preceded by a brief, real-life story that illustrates some aspect of the issue being addressed.  These personal experiences bring the book to life and help the reader realize that they are not alone and they can do it.


In only 115 sometimes serious, often humorous, but always sensitive pages, The Caregiver’s Journey provides what every caregiver needs, but too often doesn’t get until it’s too late.

Todd F. Cope