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Praise for So Much For Christmas


“Can the devastating events of this holiday repair the pain and heartache the family was experiencing even before the news of their mother’s death arrives? Can kindness to a stranger, one who had befriended their mother on her trip, lead to a miracle that will change their lives forever? This unexpected Christmas story will touch your holiday and help you rethink your own family relationships.”
—Terrie Lynn Bittner, BellaOnline
“Todd Cope spins a good yarn with this tale of a woman and her family as they approach what will prove to be a pivotal Christmas for all of them. It is a bit slow to start with, but by the end of chapter four you’ll be anxious to turn the page as the plot becomes more and more engaging.

The central character, Martha, is a little leaden compared to the rest of her family, who are on the whole a believable bunch with whom I found myself identifying much more easily. By turns, I laughed and gasped with them as Christmas drew nearer and their lives were spun around more than once.

Don’t be fooled by the title, though. It’s not just a book to read at, or give for, Christmas. The story works well at any time as an enjoyable and involving read.”

—Alison Spring,
“I loved The Shift, and now Todd Cope has done it again.”
—George Durrant, author

Todd F. Cope