Stories Worth Remembering

Graduation Day

By Todd F. Cope

The big day has finally arrived.


Soon he will cross the road that will lead to the rest of his life.


In his hand he will hold the documents that prove he has earned the right.


It seems like only yesterday that he held my hand every step of the way.


Now I’m looking back at all that has been done to help him arrive at this point:


From letting go for that first step, to sending him off on his own.


I’m grateful for others who have helped make this moment possible.


His dad’s encouragement to “be a man,”


Grandma and Grandpa and their never-ending pride in his accomplishments,


Neighbors and others who have always been there to teach and support him.


Now he approaches this milestone, obviously embarrassed that Mom insists on hugging him,


Yet reluctant to have me let him go, for he knows he will be on his own following the embrace.


The moment arrives; we part as he begins the trek.


He looks around and I can see his confidence increasing with each step.


Though it’s only a short walk, the distance covered represents years of preparation.


When he extends his hand to grasp the papers,


My heart surges with the kind of pride only a mother knows.


As if time flashes by, credentials in hand, he is once again at my side.


He smiles broadly as he shows me his treasure.


“You’re such a big boy,” I say as he hands me the mail.


“Now I’m sure you’re ready for kindergarten.”



Todd F. Cope