Stories Worth Remembering



By Todd F. Cope

The unexpected word,

And the, painful sting—

Such is the nature

Of that awful thing

We call tragedy.

We seek for the answers,

And feel they’re not there.

Why is it that life,

Which seems so unfair,

Includes tragedy?

Some say it’s a blessing

From someone above,

Who lovingly expresses

His perfect love,

Through tragedy.

“That just cannot be,”

Some are heard to say.

“How could we gain

From even one single day,

Filled with tragedy?”

But as we consider

All that He went through,

When He sacrificed His son

For me and for you—

Is that tragedy?

After a sinless life—

His begotten son

Freely suffered for us,

That we might overcome

All tragedy.

We may still feel the pain,

And experience the grief,

But our trust in Him

Can make heartache brief—

In tragedy.


© 2004

Todd F. Cope