Stories Worth Remembering



By Todd F. Cope

As much as you wonder

Who you are looking at,

I wonder who it is that you see.

You gaze at this shell

And question who’s there.

Can’t you see that it’s really still me?

I can’t say the words

Or make you aware,

That it is me trapped inside.

I attempt to communicate,

But I never can tell

If you know I’ve even tried.

It isn’t my wish,

And I don’t understand

What it is that’s made me this way.

But the time will come

When it really won’t matter

Since I know I’ll be free one day.

Leaving this body,

To go back to that place

Where we all lived together before.

And I’ll patiently wait

Until the day comes

When we’re all united once more.

 © 2003

Todd F. Cope