Stories Worth Remembering

Our Lighthouse on the Shore

Our Lighthouse on the Shore

By Todd F. Cope

Seeking refuge from the storm;

No safety within sight,

‘Til one brief moment reveals

A sequestered gleam of light.

A shimmer nearly missed

Through the veil of briny spray;

Between each pitch and roll

Peaks a welcome distant ray.

With newfound determination,

Against each heaving wave;

Forging through the breakers,

To elude a watery grave.

Headway seems so meager,

But surrender will not be.

And the flickering in the distance

Becomes more plain to see.

The struggle requires less effort

As the shining lamp reveals

A shoreline in the shadows

Of landfall’s bluffs and hills.

The forlorn rampart stands

Freely providing for us all,

A beacon in the night

Of safety from the squall.

An eternal source of light,

Yearning to show the way

Through the dangers of the darkness,

To the safety of the day.

We must but look beyond the gloom

To the wellspring of the flame

That glows forever bright;

Every weary soul to claim.

The conqueror of every tempest

That man has known before.

The one true source of refuge –

Our lighthouse on the shore.


Todd F. Cope