Stories Worth Remembering



By Todd F. Cope

There’s a subtle void in our lives—

A friend has been called back home,

A man who will be remembered

By all to whom he was known.

Not for the things he accomplished,

Nor his legacy of success,

But for his shining example,

Of genuine selflessness.

His motive was never fortune,

It wasn’t the pursuit of fame,

But rather to do the little things

That could ease another’s pain.

Or to share something he had

With someone who perhaps had not,

To freely give of himself,

Without a selfish thought.

He knew that success isn’t measured

By the accumulation of things,

It’s measured by how we serve others

And the joy that such service brings.

But perhaps his greatest gift,

Was to show that it can be done—

We can follow the perfect example,

Of our Brother, God’s chosen Son.

Friend, you know we will miss you,

But your legacy will not be gone,

For those who were taught at your feet,

Will see that your work carries on.


Todd F. Cope