Stories Worth Remembering



By Todd F. Cope

They say home is where the heart is,

And I’m sure that must be true.

So where would you find your heart;

Have you ever thought it through?

Would you find it in the old house

Where you used to laugh and play;

Or on the little farm

Where you learned to work all day?

Perhaps it’s in the schoolyard

Where you made so many friends.

Or maybe in the church house

Where you went to make amends.

It might be in the little town

Where you spent your childhood years.

Or perhaps it’s in the city

Where you grew to face your fears.

It may be in the patchwork quilt

Grandma made to keep you warm.

Maybe it’s in the rocking horse

That would carry you from harm.

Could it be in the memory

Of a slice of cinnamon toast,

Or that special holiday dinner

With mother’s savory roast?

The smell of fresh baked cookies

And hot cocoa in a mug –

Curling up with your favorite book

And a blanket to keep you snug?

Home is where the heart is?

I suppose I believe that’s true,

But remember that your heart

Is right inside of you.

It’s not in a place or thing,

Nor is it hard to find.

Home is where your memories are,

And they’re with you all the time.

© 2009

Todd F. Cope