Stories Worth Remembering



By Todd F. Cope

How I wish you could hear me,

‘Cause that’s not what I meant.

Yes, I know they’re the words that I said.

Can’t you see what I’m saying?

Don’t you know what I mean?

Then don’t use your ears, use your head.

I don’t mean to seem angry,

And really I’m not,

I just find myself full of frustration.

It seems everyone’s rushing

To do their own thing,

With no regard for my situation.

Senility, dementia,

The name doesn’t matter,

It still bears the same ugly face.

And I’m trapped in this body

With a mind that won’t work,

Left to deal with my own disgrace.

I don’t need you to tell me

Things you think I should know –

Right now, other things matter to me.

And I know it’s not easy

To understand what I’m saying,

But watch me for a while, and you’ll see.

I speak very plainly,

Though I may not use words.

The things that I say are quite clear.

Do your best not to push me,

Quit watching the clock,

And soon you’ll be able to hear.


Todd F. Cope