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Grandma’s Cane

Grandma’s Cane

By Todd F. Cope

“You’re walking without it,”

I scolded again,

“Now where can it possibly be?”

“I know right where it is,”

You told me once more,

“It’s there in the corner, you see?”

“It can’t do you much good

When it’s not in your hand.

How do you expect to stay steady?”

“I know right where it is,”

You said with a grin.

“If I need it, it’s there and ready.”

“Then what about yesterday,

When I came to visit?

I looked and it wasn’t there.”

“Of course it wasn’t,”

You smugly replied,

“Because I left it by the chair.”

“Then tell me, Grandma,

Why do you have it

If you won’t use it to keep you stable?”

“Well, the honest truth is,

It comes in quite handy

As a prop for my drop-leaf table.”

© 2008

Todd F. Cope