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Finding the Way

Finding the Way

By Todd F. Cope

The mission’s the same

For each of us;

We’re to find our way back home.

We come to this earth

With a work to perform,

But we’re not left to do it alone.

Parents who guide us

And show us the way

As we begin this mortal sojourn.

Siblings and friends,

And others we meet

All contribute to what we must learn.

Then most of us find

That our continued progress

Requires an equal partner.

And together we’ll work

To accomplish new tasks

That we know will only get harder.

Perhaps we’re entrusted

With children of our own,

And the process is started again.

Learning and teaching

Until the day comes

When we return to where it began.

We’ll each get our turn

To go back home,

When we’ve gained what He sent us to gain.

Yet, those left behind,

When our mission’s complete,

Still find it in their hearts to complain.

“He was much too young,”

Or “Her death was so tragic,”

Friends and family can be heard to say.

But it’s not when or how

We return to his side.

It’s the fact that we’ve found the way.


Todd F. Cope