Stories Worth Remembering

Face to Face


By Todd F. Cope

What does he look like?

Do I want to know?

Should I look forward to our meeting?

When I finally see him,

Will I know who he is?

Will I offer a friendly greeting?

Oh, I’ve seen him around,

At least I’ve witnessed his work.

I know what it is that he’s doing.

He’s performing his duty

On behalf of mankind.

It’s their life that he is pursuing.

Some welcome his call,

And answer in peace

As they walk with him in the distance.

While others are frightened

And do all they can

To ignore his very existence.

But he’s here just the same,

And the time will still come

When we’ll each find ourselves in that place—

Where we’ve come to the end

Of our life on this earth,

And we meet death face-to-face.



Todd F. Cope